Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Something Zen

A tall, thin man; Lucas Bonner looked younger than 40. His suit fit him perfectly. It was gray, conservative, devoid of personality with a gray tie knotted in the center of his neck. Lucas handed me a manila folder and a zip drive.

"Caleb, this will be our only contact. I am neither hungry for answers nor starved for attention."

I looked around the isolated parking deck, experienced a moment of zen, and asked my first question.

"How long will you live?"

Lucas smirked and replied.

"I am a hybrid. I will be well over 100 years when I expire."

*blogger's note* - This is another episode of the story I am writing. The other ones are here:
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This is in the form of 100 words for the great 100 word challenge at @velvetverbosity 's The one word prompt is STARVED.

Today's song is what has been playing in my head all day. The first lines are awesome: "There must be something we can eat. Should find another lover? Should I fly to Los Angeles, find my asshole brother."
Gavin Rossdale wrote this song about his new age philosophy spouting friend Perry Farrell (then of Jane's Addiction). To me, for this story entry, the song represents Caleb's exasperation with logical answers being hard to find and grasping the bigger truth. Here's Bush's Everything Zen...break out your best air grunge guitar.


  1. First off, kudos on the song choice, one of my faves. As for the story, excellent writing as always but one thing I am confused on is why is the Dr. Hybrid going to live to be 100+ while Caleb's parts are already breaking down? Doesn't seem fair to me, I'm saying sabotage..."I can't stand it, I know you planned it"....etc etc via Beastie Boys greatness...

  2. so Lucas is like T2 and Caleb is T1? cheeky lol

  3. Everything Zen = Utter awesomeness

  4. Best line ever '...neither hungry for answers nor starved for attention.' Ice in his veins, yes?

  5. Another great snippet to a steadily growing and complex story.

  6. I hope this isn't really the last we'll see of Lucas.

  7. Okay - I guess I'm going to have to go back and read all the other elements of the story - because this one hooked me in.

  8. I had some clever comment.........and then you went and put Gavin Rossdale in front of me............


  9. "EVERYTHING ZEN ... I don't think so!" Right now I am rocking around my living room. Remembering the good ol' days before Rosdale became a pop-aholic!!!

    It is not registering me as myself ... so, I will give you a million dollars if you can guess who I am. :)

  10. this is getting good - love how you are able to use the prompts each week to build on the story.

  11. Pretty impressed that you continue to effortlessly weave the prompt into the story-line. Yours is the longest running continuation of a story in response to the challenges so far. Thumbs up!

  12. does a hybrid lives longer than just the ordinary one? i just love to read your short stories.