Friday, March 25, 2011


Breann and I shared a cab over to the Plaza. As I exited the car, she called out "I'm off from work. I'll contact Lena, Clare, and research Lucas, then text bomb your phone." As I walked through the glass revolving door, a coworker of mine who thinks he's my friend, cuffs me in the back of the head with his right hand. "Caleb Runson, you have a girlfriend!" he announced indiscreetly. "No, she's, well, we're related. She's family." It was the first time I had said it aloud. My headache disappeared and my chest relaxed. I felt really good.

*blogger's note" This is my entry for @velvetverbosity 's 100 word Challenge at The one word prompt is CUFFS. This is a continuation of the story I 'm writing. To keep up with what's going on, the other entries are here:








I hope you stay with it and enjoy the writing. I will write another thousand words or so by Sunday night. Thanks for reading.

Today's song is perfect for the writing. The connection is made between Caleb and Breann. I thought Elastica was going to be bigger than they were. Justine Frischmann was dating Damon Albarn of Blur, Elastica's first record was really good, and then....not much after. This song, Stutter, and Line Up are mainstays on my IPOD. Here's Elastica's Connection...


  1. I have got to go back and read the first posts. Great writing. These 100 teasers are torture.

  2. funny how getting something off your chest lets you start to breathe again. Loving this story, Lance. Thanks for sharing.

  3. "A coworker of mine who thinks he's my friend."

    That is such a great detail.

    I totally agree with you about Elastica.

  4. Saying it aloud made it real, nice touch.

  5. Good moment!

    Love the idea of 100 word snippets!

  6. You remember Elastica!!!

    I was in 9th grade with the Brit explosion happened-Oasis, Blur, Pulp, Elastica etc. Good choice my man!

    hed hed above water

  7. I too need to catch up - I hate coming into the middle of agreat story! :D Nice work, Lance.

  8. I love that you're weaving these 100 word pieces into a bigger story. Good practice!

    Good job with the dialogue.