Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Girlfriend Experience

I drove downtown to a small private hospital to meet the only doctor I knew. The receptionist led me to an exam room.

The tall, blonde pony-tailed physician walked in and said,

"Caleb Runson, you devilish little imp. Had I known you'd walk back into my life, I wouldn't have gotten married."

My new doctor, Ava Pennington was also my girlfriend of 3 years when I was in college.

After x-rays, a physical, blood work, and awkward flirtatious catch-up conversation; she confirmed everything.

Struggling to speak, Ava whispered,

"Dr. Anson Cluber is a reknown heart surgeon, I called his office."

This is another story episode featuring my installment of  @velvetverbosity 's 100 word challenge at http://www.blogger.com/goog_10246083 My last 100 word effort, Toyed was chosen as the winner of last week's challenge. This week's one word prompt is IMP.

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There were a lot of ways to go with today's song but I chose one of my favorite Girlfriend songs by the awesome Matthew Sweet. This was one of my favorite early 90s tunes, here's Girlfriend, play it loud.


  1. This could be an interesting side story. Well played.

  2. Holy shit, Matthew Sweet! Now there's a blast from the past!

    Another stellar piece, Lance.~

  3. A little twist there, with the doctor...great call! :)

  4. How do you work so much story into so few words? I'm jealous. But you rock.

  5. Good song. GREAT story! Oh I wanna know what happens next!

  6. Nice start to the story. Congrats on being chosen for Toyed:-)

    Stop in and give my blog a read at The Voices Within Unleashed

  7. Fun new character!

    The only thing I'd change is this sentence:
    My new doctor, Ava Pennington was also my ex-girlfriend of 3 years when I was in college.

    I think you mean he and Ava dated for three years in college, but the sentence structure is a little muddy.

    Keep 'em coming!

  8. I'm glad all my exes are losers - no danger of one of them being my doctor. LOL ;)

    Excellent as always! I love my visits here - your writing voice is so natural.

  9. These little ones are killers. I need more!!!


  10. This is really picking up strength. :)