Friday, April 1, 2011

Bobina's Birthday

I walked through the San Diego Airport with a lot on my mind. Then something profound struck me. The taco stand smelled terrific. The meat was fresh, the shells snapped briskly, and the tomatoes were perfectly ripe. An older spanish man smiled and asked me how many I wanted. I swallowed hard, and said "give me a minute, please" and walked near the bathrooms. I pulled out my cell phone and made the most significant phone call of my life.

My divorce was bad. I'll leave it at that. My now seven year old daughter Lyla, aka Bug, was the center of my life for her first 4 years. I fought for her til my heart bled.

In November 2007, I called my boss and told him I couldn't take his offer of a two year opportunity in Southern California, doing what it is I do for a living. At the time, it was because I didn't want to be without my daughter for 9 months out of a year. I didn't have the foresight to realize it was also because I wouldn't meet her.

Today is not known around my house as April Fools Day, it's known as Deana "Bobina"'s Birthday. I'm 40, she's six and a half years younger, you do the math. Six months after my San Diego Airport phone call, I met Bobina through some friends. We ate salads at Chili's, talked a lot, checked each other out like panting puppies, and fell in love immediately. She's the center of my life now. Bobina is my best friend, lover, and mother to my now three daughters.

I know a lot of you want to read about a lot of stuff other than how much I dig my wife and kids. Sorry to disappoint. I love my wife and treasure my daughters. I try not to forget, but sometimes I don't recall right away, how huge that decision I made in San Diego, turned out to be. Yeah, for at least two years, I would have been living in great weather, making more money, and maybe be more accomplished in my job; but I wouldn't have Bobina or Tay or the Goose. They make my life a lot wealthier.

We took Bobina out to one of her favorite places to eat last night. Today is filled with Goose taekwondo, the other parents picking up our kids, Tay's cheerleading tryouts for her high school, and Bobina working at her job til 6pm. That's how some good moms/wives "celebrate" their birthdays.

I know you read every word of this place, Bobina. So, Happy Birthday, Beautiful. Thanks for making me glad I turned down surfing on a Friday after work. I'd rather eat pizza and contemplate yard work with you, any day of the week. I'm the luckiest man alive.

I never did try one of those tacos. They looked good.

Today's song is something Bobina likes. If it wasn't her birthday, I wouldn't be caught dead listening to this, must less youtub(e)ing it. This better get me something I like....Music snobbery takes a day off, one day a year, for Bobina's Birthday.

Here's something she loves almost as much as me (sarcasm) -


  1. Happy Birthday Deana!

    I really want a taco right now.

  2. Happy Birthday Deana... you share it with my brother. Hope this is your best birthday yet.

  3. I may or may not be crying right now. That's so sweet, especially the part where you play NKOTB for her! I adore you two and the love you share. It's special. Have a wonderful day, Bobina!

  4. This was so damn awesome! FULL OF WIN!

  5. New Kids on the Block? That's LOVE.

    Happy Birthday, Bobina!

  6. I have always suspected there was an amazing guy behind that Fight Club exterior. I was right, but then I am always right so there was never really any doubt now was there?

    Happy Birthday!! and many more.

  7. Oh you're a big old softy, aren't you? I guess there's something to that doors shutting, window opening thing.

  8. That's so damn sweet it's causing a diabetic coma. Happy birthday Bobina. Your man rocks. Which mean you must rock. Because he wouldn't rock without you.

  9. Happy Birthday Bobina! What a fantastic, love- filled, taco-referenced post. I, too, turned down a good job offer for love. Sixteen blissful years and two kids later? Damn glad I did.

  10. Happy Belated Bobina! I'm a little slow on the uptake this week. Hope your day was special and wonderful.
    And you sir, really?? Now I have to make up my mind not to settle for some loser when there are sweet genuine guys like you around for real. Damn you for raising the bar... it makes my life so much more difficult.

  11. Two days late still counts, right?

    Happy birthday to your beautiful wife, and many more years together for you both!

    and ps, April birthdays are The. Best.

    just sayin'.

  12. Happy (belated) birthday, Bobine!

    Love this. You are a kick-ass husband.