Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog Birthday Party

A year ago I took some advice from my wife.

"You should write. Do a blog. People should read what you put on paper."

I know, she's my best friend, my partner, she's supposed to stroke my ego. The thing is, Bobina is usually right.

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog is a year old this weekend. My first post was something about music. I was about to attend the Butch Walker concert. Over 210 posts later, this site has evolved into my creative outlet for the book I'm writing, and connected me to some amazing human beings. There are actually folks kinda sorta, almost like me out there. I have discovered men and women with voices in their head, mental illness that drives them and scares them, who have talent that aren't appreciated enough.

I don't have a title or an ending to the story I am writing. There will be two to three fiction posts a week until we get to the end. Right now, the story is about 40 percent posted and 80 percent written.

The greatest thing about having a blog is the community, yes I mean to use that word, that I have become an excited part of. Last July I stumbled across Velvet Verbosity. Through Velvet's unique 100 Word Challenge I met Tara, pronounced Tar Rah. She lives on the east Florida coast, has two almost grown kids, and writes and photographs amazingly. I also have gotten to know talented people like The Sluiters - Katie & Cort , Marsha and Michael and Jana and Leah and Aimee and Kat and CDG and Chopper Papa and Alan and many others. One of the fellow bloggers I have really enjoyed as much as the ones already mentioned is Lisa aka Randy from Random Girl Blog.

She gave me a blog award called:

So here are the rules: 
Our fellow bloggers present us with a lot of opportunities for furthering our blogs, and gaining followers.  Here is a way to Pay It Forward to them. When you have been bestowed with the honor of the Pay It Forward Award., insert this award at the topof a blog post along with these rules, and find FIVE fellow bloggers to bestow it upon. Thank the person who awarded you, mention them in your post, along with a link to your favorite post on their blog, and a short blurb about why you liked it. Next, comment on their blog to let them know you are bestowing the award on them, and that they should do the same. And remember: Good Bloggers Pay It Forward.
Here's the deal. Everyone on my blog roll is a must read. I'll follow the rules and name 5 but know this, if I'm taking time to read their stuff, they're awesome.

1. Actually, I'm going to cheat. It's the internet. There are no rules. I have anxiety. I write about it often. Reading about mental illness is important. These 4 ladies write about what's in their heads with grace, dignity and honesty - Maasiyat, HedHaven, and Holly aka Blackbird.  

2. Canada is more than hockey and beer. It's about good bloggers. JenO and Andie not only talk funny, they are funny. You should read them and follow them on twitter. Your life will be more entertaining.

3. I don't call myself a daddy blogger. Neither do Chopper Papa and Alan. They are dads who blog. Their humor, realism, and advice are just straight badass. They are also fellow music and comic book nerds too, so go read them.

4. Love rules my life. My beautiful wife and three gorgeous daughters give me all the l o v e I will ever need. If I ever need more, I know where to go. Judy, aka J, writes positively every day. She has a running blog topic called The Love Project. It will brighten your day just by clicking on it. Go there now.

5. I can't decide who to end this blogger's award deal with. Karen is hilarious and a joy to read. Girlatrockshow has great musical taste. Mollie is from Oklahomabut lives in the UK and likes all the same tunes I listen to. But CDG is a huge fan of my fiction and an aspiring novelist too. Her blog is excellent.

Thank you to anyone who reads this blog regularly. Everything put on this site is either part of the book I am writing or honest details of my unique, satisfying, but crazy life.
Happy One Year Anniversary to My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. It's made my life better.
Today's song is a guilty pleasure. Since I am posting a happy, feely, lovey stuff today, Supertramp has always been outside of my music snobbery. I like their 1970s stuff a lot. Here's Give A Little Bit...


  1. WAIT, WAT? What about schoolmastermusictwin?

  2. Thank you for more than just the award. If people like you didn't advocate and support crazies like me, then we would be little more than trash to be thrown away. The fact that you can see through all of the shit and know that there is something under worth reading is truly amazing and I am so honoured to have met you.

  3. Oh hell, I didn't mean to make you edit your already submitted post. You crazy. How about that shark teeth humor, huh? I can't stop laughing.

  4. Congrats on the milestone. Keep writing. I like it. A lot.

  5. Shucks, you!

    Invited to your blog's birthday party--Yay!

    It's been a pleasure to stumble upon your blog and your fiction, and what a talented bunch you've mentioned me alongside!

    Congrats and keep it all up!

  6. Happy blogiversary err, blogirthday err, first anniversary of jumping to the dark side! We love having you here :)

  7. I have bestowed upon you the Versatile Blogger Award! Please stop by here to pick it up!

  8. Lance, that was an awesome post. Congrat's on the blogtastical feet. I am not to far away from a year but but I don't hold a candle to your 200+ posts. To another year. Be well friend.

  9. I freaking love that song. Thankyou, Lance, for the kind words, and happy bloggy birthday to you. I just had mine not too long ago :)

  10. Happy Blogaversary to you! I stumbled upon your blog via Random Girl and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I'm hooked! Considered yourself followed.

  11. Aww... you're a sweetheart. I'm glad I met you and Bobina through blogging too. Happy Blog Birthday, best wishes for many more years of great writing.

  12. Happy Blogaversary Lance! Thanks for the shout out!

  13. Happy Bloggiversary!! Thanks so much for the shout-out! So many blogs to check out ^_^

  14. Happy blogoversary! So happy to have found your blog and am really looking forward to following your author path! Congrats on over 200 posts- that's such a huge accomplishment!!

  15. Happy one year Lance! I am honored and so happy to have a blog friend like you. You are smart, talented, funny, musical, interesting and thoughtful.

    Thanks also for the award!


  16. I am so happy that you are married to such an intelligent woman, and that you are sage enough to recognize it and heed her suggestion.

    It's been a fantastic experience to read your blog, and even more to get to know you as a person, Lance. :)

  17. Dude! I think I'm gonna cry...It's rare to find common threads on the internet and even more rare when the reside in the same state. We must share a beer or 12 one day somewhere around Duluth (that's probably in the middle of us).

    Keep doing your thing, its not every day that you find bloggers who actually 'bring it'. You, my friend, are one who does.