Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Big Bang

I have three story episodes in my que. After back to back posts with story eps, I wanted to give you all a break.

It's been a busy weekend at my house.

Today was Woofstock, the dog park social event at the Suwanee Georgia square. Bobina works for an animal clinic so she took Tay, Tay's friend who is a boy and Goose. Later I joined them with Buddy the golden retriever. That took most of the day. Combined with yardwork, getting Bobina's car emissioned, and hitting the gym, I've had no time to throw together a non fiction post. So, here I am, reduced to pedestrian blog fare. I promise I'll be better.

I have written the entire story. Of course I am rewriting all the time. I haven't come up with a title or an ending I like. The point is, the whole book is done, for the most part.

A few things before I go write and rewrite .

Time and my anxiety issues limit how much television I watch. I keep up with sports, but you can do 47 different things at one time and still watch a ballgame. For me to devote 30 or 60 minutes to something, it has to be good. Recently I started watching Chicago Code with Bobina. It's good, but it comes on at the same time as something Bobina watches with our teenager, Tay, so we DVR Chicago Code. We looked up yesterday and noticed we were three weeks behind. That's 3 hours. What part of three daughters, a real job, writing a book, and paying attention to Bobina does my DVR not understand? The Chicago Code is no longer being watched by me.

Two shows I do catch each week are The Big Bang Theory and Law & Order SVU. SVU is in it's 11th season and it may be time to stop. This past week's show featured the great John Stamos, Lori Singer aka the preacher's whore daughter in the Devil red boots in Footloose, and an absurd storyline about Stamos' character  being a "reproductive abuser". He played a Wall Street lawyer who poked holes in his condoms and impregnated dozens of women then sweet talked them into having the children. It was written and produced by someone called "Speed Weed". The character was killed with an exploding diver's knife. My six and seven year old daughters do better writing and acting on Thursday evenings when they perform for Bobina and I. This SVU was the worst I've ever seen. After 11 seasons and several Emmy wins, it may be time for Benson and Stabler to go away.

The other television program I never miss is The Big Bang Theory. In it's 4th season, Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj, and Howard have been joined by Bernadette and Amy Farrah Fowler (you have to say all three of her names or you aren't a real fan). The show has never been better. I laugh out loud throughout the 22 or so minutes. This week's episode, The Wildebeest Implementation was so good, I'm almost afraid to watch next week for fera of disappointment. It's consistently funny, and the acting, especially from Emmy winner Jim Parsons as Sheldon, is excellent.

Earlier in the week, my blogger friend, @jana0926 aka Jana from tweeted that it was her goal to learn every word to the Big Bang Theory theme song. It's written and performed by the usually crappy Barenaked Ladies, but I make an exception because it's a television theme and it's about smart people.

Today's song is by Jana's request. I need to learn it too. My kids are getting smarter than me. I need something that makes me competitive with them. Hope Mariska Hargitay watches The Big Bang Theory. She'll know what a good show looks like.


  1. Two of my favorite shows. The only thing I like better than those two is Criminal Minds and yes I do agree with you 100% that it's time Benson and Stabler hung up their shields. I haven't seen all of the BBT. I am working my way through the episodes now, but so far I am liking it.

  2. Since I am now outnumbered by menfolk, I typical watch sports, Top Gear (BBCAmerica) or other male TV fare. I do sneak away sometimes to catch an episode of Bones or NCIS, but I've never seen Big Bang Theory.

  3. My wife sings along with the theme and does these "flashy hands" gestures during "we built the pyramids" .. yup, I'm a lucky guy too! I'm actually required to watch as, minus the doctorates, Sheldon's genius IQ, and the high paying jobs, this is pretty much an idea of what my friends and I are like. Don't judge me.

  4. I could very easily get addicted to "The Big Bang Theory", but luckily I got rid of my television over a year ago. I'm always playing catch up as it is, but can you imagine if I watched television, too? Eek!

    When's your next Tastes Like Comics piece coming out, Lance?

  5. @Katsidhe - this week....I promise...more fiction tomorrow morning

  6. 'the great John Stamos" - please for all that's holy, tell me that's sarcasm.