Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Called Out

The damage I caused at home was extensive. The chasm between happiness and anger made communication between everyone tense.

I avoided Ava and endured Shane. Breann bravely acted as liason between my conflicted doctor and hurt wife.

The magnet's results were immediate. The lone side effect were hot flashes caused by fevers. I escaped to the cool breeze of my office's rooftop.

While finding comfort in a sweet tea and a turkey sandwich, my phone vibrated. The number started with a 253 area code. I swallowed hard and answered, curiously.

"Caleb Runson? This is Lucas Bonner.  It's time we talked."

*blogger's note* This is a another story episode in form of  a 100 word challenge by @velvetverbosity aka The one word prompt is CHASM.

Blogger is giving me fits. Please go to the post before this one - Just - and see the other episodes.

Today's song is the one playing in my head as I wrote this. It's probably playing in Caleb's head as he east that sandwich. Here's Pink Floyd's underrated Learning to Fly.


  1. Can't wait to read what you do with the other 'siblings.'

  2. Just keeps getting better. And that fact that you tie these all in to other challenges/prompts makes me cranky because you do it so well. I'm just hatin' because I'm jealous though... really I think it's awesome!

  3. And another of the "siblings" turns up....

  4. What Random Girl said. I'm loving the writing itself, but the fact that you're using prompts for each episode is RIDICULOUS. In a good way. Keep it up, dude.

  5. Man this is some good stuff! You are nailing this fiction shizzle.

  6. Hmm.... Very interesting! I wonder what 'we' need to talk about.

  7. I am just amazed at how you are able to inject such wonderful detail into such a short piece, and yet say so much!

  8. I'm realizing that I'm missing installments. Going to have to go back and check those out. But eesh, he's in a tight spot now and yet the intrigue continues. :)