Monday, May 2, 2011

So Into You


There's not a lot of time until your niece gets picked up by your mother in law. After that happens you need to take your oldest daughter to cheerleading tumbling. There's nothing more important than that today.

So let's quickly run over some things.

You're kinda sorta almost awesome. I know you don't believe it, but you are, and I don't want to argue.

You've been through a lot and that overthinker, anxiety ridden part of you likes to dwell on it sometimes but you have come through it well. Look around, you are loved. Bobina is head over heels in love with you. Tay, Bug and Goose love you. You are an excellent husband and father to them.

Most of all you've learned to like me, you know, you. If you miss a day at the gym you don't freak out and not eat for two days. If you are too busy to write one day, you don't stay up all night the next banging out thousands of words. You've learned to relax, a little bit. You and I know that you can be a better person but right now, today, you're a really good person.

Two raises, a promotion, and a bonus, all in what, 4 weeks? You are doing great at your job. You have a career at a time when a lot of people are struggling. You work hard. You do it for yourself as much as you do it for your women. You won't admit it, but you do.

Your writing is getting better. It's surpassed the level it was at in college right before you gave up. You won't do that again. You like to too much.

Don't worry about how people will read this. Judy gave you a writing assignment, you did it, and it's ok. Writing a "love letter" to yourself is good. The last time you did it was almost five years ago, in therapy. This time you're writing it for fun, not mental health reasons.

You're passionate about the right things. Music, writing, your work, and those 4 gorgeous females in your house. You've put them first. No one is telling you how to be you. You are just getting it done. The right people know and care. You have a great best friend.

Congratulations on where you're at in your life. At 40 years old, you're doing better than a lot of people.

Your mother in law is in the driveway and she's going to want to talk to her son in law. Your wife probably needs another kiss or seven. You haven't gotten Tay to roll her 15 years old eyes at you once this afternoon, get to that. It makes you feel good.

Good job, you.

*blogger's note* - This is a writing assignment/challenge from my friend Judy aka @jclementwall from her runaway hit website
She wrote a post about self love, not the Dancing With Myself by Billy idol kind, but being confidnet in who you are and acknowledging it. Normally I don't do something like this, but i don;t give myself enough credit and it was a writing job. I encourage all of you to not only visit Judy on twitter or her site but to write a letter to yourself.

Today's song is a break from the normal as is the post. The Atlanta Rhythm Section is a band from down the street from where I live. I used to listen to them with my mom and dad when we were in the car when I was a kid. Georgia Rhythm, my favorite ARS tune doesn't really fit the subject so here's some Georgia 1970s rock and roll, So Into You....


  1. And you forgot that people on the interwebz like your writing, and your taste in music! Not like you care but still, it's just one more thing to add to your list of reasons you rock! Love this writing challenge idea and how you took it on.

  2. @Randy...oh yeah, I failed this challenge.

    thank you lol

  3. I love this love letter! I knew I would. There's a lot to like about you, and Random Girl is right, you missed a couple. ;-) This: "Your wife probably needs another kiss or seven. You haven't gotten Tay to roll her 15 year old eyes at you once this afternoon, get to that. It makes you feel good" made me grin.

    You rocked it, Lance. Thank you for playing with me, and spreading the love (inward).

  4. You also forgot how you're amazingly supportive to crazy strangers you don't even know on the internet. How you support and encourage them and make them feel special at times when they feel incredibly unspecial.

  5. I'm starting to feel weird. Thanks all.


  6. I love this, cake! I can't make a pumpkin pie or listen to Cake (the band) or hear great punk music on my MP3 player without thinking of you.

    I agree, you are so loving and supportive of your online friends. You totally rock. And it's ok for you to know it and believe it.

  7. I agree about the support you give, and would like to add that you forgot about being awesome for your love of sports and Fight Club.

    Don't be modest--you deserve it ;)

  8. You're awesome. Well done recognizing it.

  9. This makes me want to write you a love letter, too. When's THAT assignment?

    PS have you ever checked out The Artist's Way?

  10. Holy cats I love that song. Always have. Lol. You seem like a helluva guy, Lance. kudos :)

  11. Dear You,

    You Rock!

    ~From: Your Biggest Fan!

  12. Dude, that song is a classic. The boys for Doraville, bring it!

  13. This is great! You're blog is really wonderful, I like your writing. I look forward to reading more, and I plan to try this little assignment myself someday! :)