Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hope Springs A Turtle

I'd believed music saved since I heard the Beatles at 5 years old. Tonight, I needed it to provide a voice to tell Breann there was a chance I wouldn't dance at my daughters weddings. I walked into the Bowery Ballroom rock club and sat on a stool as if it were giving me oxygen. The song Voices Carry by Til Tuesday played. To a younger, prettier, tattooed, Chrissie Hynde lookalike tending bar, I said "whiskey and water." I turned around and saw guy in his early 20s wearing eyeliner, holding a guitar case that read, Hope Springs A Turtle.

*blogger's note* - This is my entry into @velvetverbosity 's 100 Word Challenge at her site . This is a continuation of a story I am writing. The other episodes are here:

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I hope you take the time to check out the other posts and enjoy what you read.

Today's song is mentioned in this post. Voices Carry by Til Tuesday is an underrated 1980s pop song. That's group's singer/songwriter, Aimee Mann, is one of my favorite artists. She has done brilliant work over the last 20 years. I chose an alternative intepretation of the song's lyrics. Here's the song in the story, Voices Carry-


  1. I love this song.

    It's also damn fun as a karaoke song.

  2. Your short posts are as awesome as your long post. I'm jealous! Love the song pick too!

  3. Very cool. And, I want that t-shirt!

  4. This song always gets stuck in my head. I think it is because I am telling the children to "hush, keep it down" about a million times a day when the baby is napping. And then it makes me break out into song.

  5. After reading this I read every entry to the story. I LOVE it!!!

  6. Hope springs a turtle. Classic. Good tune.

  7. That song came out the year I graduated college. Good times...

  8. I feel the same way about music - it's saved me more than once. Great scene-setting!

  9. Another great scene, leaving us anxious for the next!!!

  10. Okay. Considering I have the attention span of a gnat with ADD, I love these short post.

    But my real comment is to overshare that until about last year, I totally thought this song was "This is scary." I'm always surprised when I find out the real lyrics.

  11. The 100 word bursts of story are fantastic. It's like the haiku of narrative.

    The images of the Chrissie Hynde bartender and the eyelinered guy with the clever hipster T are spot on.


  12. Great post and of course, I love Aimee Mann! Love Til Tuesday and agree that they are underrated.

  13. i think i was there, at the bowery ballroom, that night. or a night just like that.

  14. "Hope Springs a Turtle", love it. :)