Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm Wearing Green Underwear

Regardless if you live in Boston, New York City, Atlanta, Seattle, or Topeka, Kansas; your community will be celebrating today by turning things like beer, street lines, rivers, and food, green. There will be people, especially those in their 20s, drinking Jamesons whiskey. You'll hear Jump Around, the raucous early 90s rap song played at least 23 times today. Before you get too annoyed, remember, it's just one day.

Saint Patrick was born in the 4th century in Roman Britain to a wealthy family. As a teenager he was kidnapped by Irish Raiders and forced into slavery on the Irish coast near Mayo. He fled captivity a few years later, went back to Britain to prepare for the Priesthood and became a bishop in the Irish Christian Church.

Using the shamrock to explain the Trinity and the Christian doctrine, he became a hero to Irish Christians. He died on March 17th toward the end of the century. My favorite legend of Saint Patrick is that he rid the country of snakes during his lifetime. There's no evidence that post ice age Ireland even had snakes but Saint Patrick is credited for banishing the Druid (non Christian)/Pagan beliefs which relied heavy on serpent symbolism. I hate snakes. I'm scared of them. The weather isn't good enough for me to live in Ireland, but if I had to, I would. They don't have snakes.

Everything in the paragraph I just wrote isn't even thought about on March 17th, today. It's a religious day in Ireland. It's a holy day for Catholics and certain Protestants. Yet, getting drunk, dancing around to U2 songs, and wearing green t-shirts that say Kiss Me I'm Irish (or worse) will be the celebration's focus. I'm busy today. After work, I have to pick up my 7 yr old from the YMCA, then drive 30 miles to meet my wife, and 6 year old, who is starting tae kwon do. I will recognizing Japanese martial arts on Saint Patrick's Day. The good news, I'm wearing a green shirt and I'm wearing green underwear. I'm not allowed to show you, Bobina's orders.

I hope my Irish friends like Tony Kelly enjoy today in their country. Bobina can trace her family tree to Irish royalty in Dublin and  a couple of other towns. I'm not Irish, at all. But my favorite superhero is Green Lantern

In my 20s I would be drinking Jamesons whiskey from the bottle, dancing jigs on the bar at Fado's, and showing people my green underwear. At age 40, I'm chaisng little kids to karate practice, learning how to use my HAL phone, and shaking my head affectionately at the younger crowd that's partying. I haven't "celebrated" Saint Patricks since 1997. My participation will consist of eating me lucky charms, ridding the neighborhood of snakes, and watching Star Wars The Phantom Menace on DVD. I think Liam Neeson has a small part in it.

Saint patrick should Bless the Irish for their good rock music. The Pogues, Stiff Little Fingers, Thin Lizzy, U2, The Cranberries, and several other quality groups have put their artistic stamp on the world consciousness. Track them all down on youtube or itunes today.

Here's the best American Irish band contribution. It's loud, obnoxious, drunken, and fun; thus perfect for today. The Dropkick Murphys The Gang's All Here.

Top o the Day all, hope ya find yer pot o gold ah the end of the rainbow. All Hail Saint Patrick....


  1. Thank you for the history lesson. Ahh, The Pogues. They always make me long to be Irish. The kids can't stand it when I play them, "Mom, why are you listening to that drunk man sing?" We will be celebrating St. Patrick's day with shamrock shakes (mint chocolate milk shakes).

  2. Oh, the cranberries. The only time I've ever heard yodeling sound so sexy....

  3. My St. Paddy's morning consisted of explaining to the boys, no, we don't get presents on St. Patrick's Day! I'll settle for a Guiness.

  4. Here on the outskirts of Boston, I'm watching my kid brother's friends on facebook, talking about how wasted they'll get on greed-dyed beer.

    Hubs calls it Amateur Night, Irish Edition.

    (ftr, The Original Amateur Night is New Year's Eve)

    Bad wife that I am, I'm not even going to boil him dinner.

    And just so you know? Telling people you're wearing green skivvies on St. Patty's is like an invitation to pantsed.

    Off to go queue up some Christie Moore and Luca Bloom on the old iPod...

  5. As if I didn't like you enough already, you're a Hal fan.~

    Happy St. Pat's, sir!

  6. How will you be celebrating St. Georges Day on April 23rd, he is the patron saint of England. The answer is you won't be, no-one does.

  7. Dropkick Murphy's - fantastic music. Did you know the Japanese have parades for upwards of a week in celebration? Among other things, I'm 1/4 Japanese and 1/8 Irish. I'm also Catholic. Thanks for shedding light on the Holiday and the meaning behind it to your readers, it's one of my favorite days of the year....and not just because being both Catholic and Irish means I can probably drink most under the table.

  8. I approve of Dropkick Murphy's. Well played, sir.

  9. You have to love America. It's the only country I am aware of that will celebrate a holiday and have no idea why. Here's a test, on Cinco de Mayo ask 5 people why they are eating Mexican and drinking margaritas on that particular day and I'll bet you a burrito no one will know the right answer.

    God Bless America!