Thursday, April 28, 2011


My loopy state, lack of luggage, and blood stained shirt made me suspicious. I stayed outside in the parking deck while Ava went inside the airport and bought clothes and sundry items. I took the last 3 pain relievers, then texted Breann updates.

I took off my shirt and she bathed the wound from the geiger-muller counter with iodine solution while I cringed.

"Sorry about that. So we're in this thing together the right way, Caleb?"

I rolled my eyes and looked at a police car a hundred feet away.

"Ava, there's no right way to do this."

Another story episode featuring the one word prompt BATHED from 's 100 word challenge. Please visit velvet's site.She hosts some talented people. The other story episodes are here:

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Thanks for keeping up with the story.

Today's song seemed to fit the post lyrically and sonically. Soundgarden's Rusty Cage is about being in a doomed relationship. It also rocks hard. I'm in a mood. Get your flannel out and start banging your head. Here's Rusty Cage....


  1. Great continuation & I love the song!! Stop in & read Bathed in the Light

  2. Another great chapter in 100 words, good stuff! And great song choice!

  3. On the ironic side, my last word verification for my comment to you was "Brave".... just sayin'

  4. Nice work with the prompt, but these little 100 worders are such a tease.

  5. Well said, Lance. I like how this is developing.

  6. Just keeps getting better and keeping me wanting more.

  7. I saw Chris Cornell was flinging flanging AWESOME!!!!! He did not play Rusty Cage though. I wish he did.

  8. Love this little piece. I think I will have to go back and read the rest of the parts!

  9. My favorite Soundgarden song!

    Love the last line of the piece.

  10. I feel a climax coming soon. Can't wait to see how this ends up. Is this something you have already completed and are just posting it in parts or are you writing it as you go along?

  11. @Mass yes. This is a third of the story.

  12. You nail it every time. Can't wait to read these all together.

  13. Your writing is getting stronger as you progress. I can feel the momentum.

  14. I'm loving this story more as time goes just KNOW there's so much more under the surface that we can't guess yet!