Thursday, April 21, 2011


Weaving through traffic, I almost hit a dumptruck. I was sweating profusely. My image in my mirror was sickly. The distance from the courthouse to the hospital was 2 miles. I was halfway there. I texted her.

"Meet me in the emergency room, I need you".

I parked, jumped from my SUV, and tried to run to the entrance.

The next thing I saw was Ava standing over me. She had control of the room.

"Everyone thinks you're fluish and panic attacked, but I'm monitoring your heart. I'm waiting on a call from Dr. Cluber's office to proceed. You're mine for now."

The is another episode of a story I'm writing using Velvet Verbosity 's 100 word challenge . My other stories entries are here:

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9) Hope Springs A Turtle
10) Drown
11)  Toyed
12) Fever
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14) Sympathy for the Devil
15) Tomorrow, The Green Grass

I've been on a mid 90s alternative chick rocker kick lately. Today's song is Sarah Maclachlan's Posession. It's what was playing in my head and on my computer last night when I imagined this 100 words. It seems to fit Ava's character. This should please my Canadian readers, eh?


  1. stupid 100 word teasers. When I get to the end and realize it's the 100 word post I mutter ugly words under my breath because it's over just when it was about to start.

  2. I'm not a huge Sarah Mclachlan fan (although I do like her to some extent) but I will say that of all her songs, this one is my very favorite.

    I think I missed a couple entries, I have to go back and catch up.

  3. Damn, only 100 words? I need more. I shall wait patiently for the next installment. And good pick on the song although my bisexual roommate I had when I was 18 used to get busy with her gf to SM all the time so that is the first thing I think of when I hear this. Not your fault though.

  4. Love this!

    It's tight, and the set up for the page turn is great.

    Also? That song is still stalkery hot after all these years.

  5. @Maas - thank you. I'll pick up at word 101 and drop another 600 or so next time.

    @Yandie - please catch up and come back back and comment more. I saw Sarah sing this in 1997. She's better live.

    @Randy Lisa - wow...just wow

  6. @CDG - I agree 100 percent about Sarah's song. It holds up so well. Most of her stuff does.
    thank you. Its time for some action and creepiness and science fiction crazy. It's coming. It's already written.

  7. How metal is it that I saw the title of this entry in my blog roll and knew you would have Sarah as the song at the end?

    Awesome post, and brilliant song.~

  8. Oooo, I'll have to come back & read the past installments:-)

  9. This was not long enough to get me through my last afternoon of the work week. More! More! More!

  10. I'm getting more "into" this story with every installment..waiting for more! :)

  11. Every time I hear that song I am taken back to this pub in Jerusalem. I am in my twenties talking to this woman from Scotland who has this amazing accent....

  12. Great story. I wanted to read more. I hated having to hang on... Stopping by from the 100 word challenge.

  13. I thought I had already left a comment... I like what you're doing with Ava. Strong female characters are sometimes difficult to write, you're getting it right.

  14. Agggh! Now I have to wait until next week for another 100 words? I love this story!

  15. I'm enjoying your serial approach, although each entry reads well standing alone.

  16. Such a kick ass song, before she got all popular!


  17. Look up Sara Machlachlan's "do what you have to do", Mirrorball concert. One of my favorites.