Saturday, September 18, 2010


This is a common occurence at my house. We need to be somewhere at a certain time, the kids need to have shoes and socks on, and either Tay, the oldest, aged fourteen, or Bobina, my wife, aged a lottel older than fourteen, are applying make up. There's usually a heated discussion about Tay coming down and taking Bo's cosmetics or perfume. This makes a five minute delay turn into a fifteen minute one and magic! We're running late. This isn't me complaining. I am used to it all. There's an underlying principle that makes all of this possible. Neither Tay nor Bobina believe me when I tell them they look their best when they are natural.

I have never thought women look good "made up". Some of you reading this are yelling a word that rhymes with coolspit but I promise I feel this way. My wife looks her best, early morning, sun coming throught the window, hair tousled, clean faced as the day she was born. It's reason number 8 why I married her. I cringe every time she or any of the important women in my wife, take more than two seconds out of their day to apply mascara, blush, foundation, the one with the brush, and lipstick. It does nothing for me. It also make me late for something.

This morning, I picked up Tay from Suwanee Days, it's where the town where we lives, celebrates who tehy are with commerce, balloons, and bad music; where she was hanging with her friends and her friend who is a boy and his his parents. She had gone to the event sans make up because she slept in and didn't have time. She had  alot of sun on her face and looked beautiful. I told her so and she commented that her friend who is a boy said the same. She said he went out of his way to compliment her on her natural look and encouraged her to continue the practice. It became really tough to dislike him. I feel the same way. Often when Tay comes down the stairs she strikes me with her make up choices. She looks older than I would like. I have learned to shut up and let her mom handle it all. Today, I wanted to stop the car, jump out, dance in the streets and yell I told you so, sweetieQ! I didn't. I embarrassed her enough by showing up.

There is a a lot of money in female products including cosmetics in my bathroom and my daughter's bathroom. I understand I probably am in the minority on my women look natural opinion based on the billions of dollars spent on the modeling business, fashion industry, and cosmetics empires currently operating in full force. Yet, I have a blog. It's my voice, sort of. This is me telling my wife, my daughters, my mom, my mother in law, my sister in law, my three close friends, and the women who read this blog and my twitter account; cool it with the make up. Less is more, ladies. Bo and Tay tell me that women usually dress for women. It's like when animals mark their terrority and stalk their prey. Whatever the cultural issue is I think women shoudl be comfortable with themselves, it makes them more appealing. Even if your significant others say they like it when you eyeliner it and face paint it like a beast, at the end of the day they are the ones that love you for who you are, naturally. Do I dig it when my wife vamps it up to a concert or party or special occasion with some make up, perfume, and other beauty enhancers, sure. It's like dressing up for Halloween. It's cool for a short time.

This is not an excuse to wear sweat pants to Wal Mart or stained t-shirts to a nice restaurant. Have some pride, women. But, when it comes to who you are, especially the thing people who love you see the most, your face. Go base. Thank me later.

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