Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Life

Exhaustion was settling. I just wanted to lay down. I had worked all week in Houston Texas, driven over 12 hours to get home to my wife and kids Friday night. We had just gotten home after running errands and grabbing an early dinner at our favorite hole in the wall Mexican place. My teeager was complaining of a stomach ache, and I knew why. For some reason her mother wanted to know more. I flip on the second half of Alabama (my alma mater) on the road at Arkansas. My Crimson Tide were losing and I needed to yell at the television, to help them to victory. The conversation around me grew louder. "You have to put it in all the way", my wife is saying. "Mom! I know that, it's just uncomfortable," answers my daughter. It got worse from there. I realized that everything I, you, or anyone needed to know about my marriage, family dynamic, living situation, and relationship with my loved ones had been crystalized in an inappropriate female hygiene, time of the month discussion between my wife and kid. Estrogen surrounds me and I love it, despite my protests to the contrary.

Later in the night I watched my Alabama team pull out a football victory. I ran around the neighbor hood with my male golden retriever. I turned on the DVR and watched the new Hawaii Five-O tv show that is filled with mindless violence, things blowing up, and testoserone on a stick elements that made me feel red-blooded and virile. In between it all, there was a discussion about silly bands, more female body issues, kissing, and me taking a bra out out of the dryer and insisting, 3 times, that my teenage daughter do something with it, other than have it in my presence.

I was born for several reasons. One of the main ones, was to raise these 3 girls, and be a complete, non traditional husband to my wife. I will continue to complain about the less masculine elements to my life. But it will make me treasure these women even more. While Bobina and Tay engaged in the graphic feminine product dissertation, I yelled, cringed, and begged them to stop. Inside, I was satisfied and extremely loved. This is my life.

Here's some red meat rock and roll by Social Distortion, one of my favorite songs ever, also pertaining to my life:

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  1. Before I clicked the link, Ball and Chain started playing in my head! I LOVE Social Distortion and they are in heavy rotation in my music.

    It takes a special guy to handle living with that many women. Kudos.