Monday, September 20, 2010

FAQ, traveling news, and suburban Cowboy

I am breaking from regularly scheduled programming because after I pick up Tay from cross country practice this afternoon I am headed to Houston for the rest of the week for work. I'm not looking forward to it because I am just helping out someone with their project so I don't get to tell people what to do like I usuallt get to. Plus, I don't like being away from Bobina and the girls. I'm fine, they have a tendency to fall apart without me, I don't blame them.

I won't get to twitter much for the next 4 days and some questions came up from new readers and old ones this weekend. In my previous blogs on myspace and facebook I usually did a frequently asked questions answer post every few months. It kept up the house cleaning.

1) Is your wife really named Bobina? Is your sister in law really named Bubba? Are your kids really named Tay, Bug and Goose? Why don't you have a nickname?

answer(s) - My wife's Christian name is Deana. She is known as Bobina to her close friends and family. I affectionally call her Bo. My sister in law is 5'3", thin, and has very blonde hair. Obviously she looks like a Bubba. The name her mama gave her is April. The kids and I refuse to use it. My kids are, Taylor, age 14, Lyla, age 7, Carly, age 6. Their nicknames are established and frequently used. They prefer them. I don't have a nickname because my friends and family are lazy.

2) You live in Atlanta and yet follow the New York Jets, New York Yankees, and New Jersey Devils fervently. What up?

answer: I have some friends and family connection to the New York/New Jersey area, but my dad was a big Joe Namath and Mickey Mantle fan. That's where it all started. Atlanta didn't have a hockey team for a long time so I just adopted the Devils about twenty years ago. Do to childhood trauma regarding the local Atlanta teams, I reserve the right to reject them sometimes and stick with my adopted ones.

3) Obviously you have a blended family, can you explain the dynamic?

Bug, (Lyla), I made and birthed (yeah I know how it works but we don't acknowledge biology on this blog) her in 2003 while married to something else. Bobina gave birth to Tay in 1996 and Goose in 2004 while married to something else. Bobina and I met through mutual friends in May of 2008. We married in November 2008. Like the Brady Bunch, we don't use the step word. Bug is with us about 50 percent of the time. Buddy, the golden retriever came into the picture in early 2009. He was a rescue adoption type deal. He's almost three.

4) What's the deal with the two blogs?

When I started this blog in May, I thought I would just be writing about my two favorite subjects; music and sports. I messed up and made a couple of personal posts and they proved popular. I write all the time. Mostly in notebooks and restaurant napkins. After meeting other bloggers/writers and seeing how they incorporate their different styles I decided to create a fiction writing site (emplyong the 100 word challenge posts from this blog) called The goal is to post their every other day. Being a dad and having a job this week may slow that down, but it will speed back up soon. This blog will be about my life and include many different topics, including some creative writing.

5) Why don't you have facebook?

I did have it from August 2008 til April 2010. I created an account to ready for my 20 year class reunion in 2008, then Bug got sick and I couldn't go. After that I found facebook to be annoying, time consuming, and I was concerned about the privacy issues. Hard truth is, I like twitter better. Short, to the point, and often entertaining, kind of like me. My wife has the facebook. You are more than welcome to facebook her. She enjoys it.

Every time I think of Houston I am reminded of Bud Davis, played by John Travolta, driving his pickup truck into the big city for the first time, bright eyed and excited. In preparartion for my trip I've shaved the beard, inquired about power plant work, and researched mechanical bull riding.

Oh, one more thing, you people, can you direct message me on twitter or email me at the results of the 100 word challenge? That's the only way I read stuff on my phone. If tinfoilmagnolia wins it again, I am demanding an investigation. kkthxbi


  1. Really Lance, really?

    Just remember my dear, much like the famous game–rock, paper, scissors, tinfoil, cake–Tinfoil always covers Cake.


  2. I'd love to talk to you one day about your blended family and the "step" word. How do the girls feel about it? Do they every bristle? We're still new at the blended family thing. While we consider them OUR kids, friends, family and even the kids correct us when we say "my son" or "my daughter" when they aren't biologically ours.

  3. They do whatever they want. The youngest goes in and out of calling me daddy or Lance. The teenager never uses the dad word but when my wife says says go talk to your father or dad she just goes and talks to me. I just say my daughters and they prefer that. All 3 girls call each other sister. They do not let ANYONE use the step word around them when referring to them as anything other than sister.

  4. T Mizzle and I lol'd thru this blog together. We especially like the "married to someTHING else" part. We really enjoy keeping up with our ATL friends thru ur blog. Keep up the good work!