Friday, September 10, 2010


If you read it on the internets, then it's true. I turned 40 today. I am having trouble accessing twitter through the conventional route so I am saying thank you to everyone here. My family has put up with my moodiness, whining about aging and my stomach flu this week and treated me with amazing kindness and generosity. I got a Green Lantern action figure, a remote control truck, a set of disaster movies, some new tennis shoes, and two red velvet cakes. Bobina and I are going to see Slash in concert next week. I''ll expand on my angst later about this number I turned earlier today. Let's just say, so far, it's been a rough go for me. I am counting my blessings, these four women I live with, and getting my head out out my rear end. I have more at 40 than most dudes do at 70.

Thanks for the texts, phone calls, tweets, and facebook posts on Bobina's page. Every word meant the world.

As Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy would say, "Come after me, I'm a man, I'm 40!"



  1. Happy belated Birthday man

    Go Phillies

  2. My husband is jealous of your birthday haul. Sets a new bar here, apparently. I am like "We don't have kids, dude, it's just me. He has 3 kids." Happy birthday.

  3. Thank Marsha. Tell your husband that having all women in the house is great for several reasons: 1) fashion advise 2) hugs and kisses 3) gift giving and receiving