Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cake Island

One of the more underrated lines of dialogue in the history of cinema happens in the 1999 classic, Office Space. Peter asks Lawrence "What would you do if you had a million dollars?" Lawrence's R-Rated response, while hilarious, is inappropriate for this family blog but I just figured out how I would answer Peter's inquiry. I'd buy this island

Also borrowing material from Office Space, don't get out your Tom Symkowski's Jump To Conclusions mat and leap to the thought that I am either materialistic or ostentatious. I am talking about packing up everything I own, my wife, and the 3 girls and moving to this small (.4 acre) island off the coast of Marathon Florida and living in peace and modesty. The name of this on the market island is Charlie's Island. I think me, Bobina & the girls could come up with something more germane to our family, but since I'm riding this Cake gimmick we'll just say Cake Island is a real possibility. Cookouts, satellite tv football games, and great fishing are open to everyone. I just need the million bucks.

Here's more information on Charlie's Island:'s-island-florida.htm

I used to want to live in downtown New York City in the middle of everything. I have done a 180 degree turn. I am ready to be away from the traffic, stress, and everyday business. Having a place to really call my own, an island, is a dream. Fishing, sunbathing, swimming, quiet, and a place to relax would be perfect. The price tag being one million large sounds very reasonable. Now, I'm going to wake the kids up so they can help me go through the couch cushion to look for loose change.


  1. Where can I send my Island Donation?

  2. my wife says send it to her. @deana_bo on teh twitterz or track her down on the facebook. lol.