Tuesday, September 7, 2010


In his wallet were three one dollar bills. Four strokes of a computer keyboard showed his checking account balance of three hundred and twenty three dollars. In his sweaty left hand was a check for seven hundred thousand dollars. His heart raced. His chest tightened. A middle class kid from moderate means; he now found himself monied. In his second year of brokering, he was everything he never thought he would be; corrupt. He traded shares of a company that didn't exist and, for now, gotten away with the con. On the outside he looked accomplished. Inside, he was rotten.

*blogger's note* This is exhibit four of the my participation in the 100 word challenge, sponsored by http://www.velvetverbosity.com/ aka @velvetverbosity on twitter. I write 100 words or less on a one word theme. This week's word is ROTTEN. I wanted to wax poetic on Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten but at the last minute I went with this take on a decayed soul. Please check out the other entries.

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  1. A direct hit in 100 words and yet I feel a bit sorry for this needy character. Should I?

  2. Mildly identify with this.

    Oh, and you and I are long lost sibs. My first thought was of Sex Pistols as well! Then went immediately to tomatoes. Go figure.

    Great work!

  3. Teresa - yes

    Marsha- God Save The Queen

  4. nasty. well written. i hate that guy already.

  5. Hmm...what would you do if you basically had pocket change in your bank account, and could get your hands on that kinda cash, if only for a brief moment, and possibly get away with it?

    Money does crazy stuff to people. Agree with lifeinbalancesortof's comment: I hate that guy already.