Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Morning Moment

Naked and dazed, he walked across the dark room,stumbling through his memory to spare himself turning on the light. His head ached. He began to sweat. His hands shook as he pulled the small black box from his dresser. He decided to make one desperate, last-ditch emotional show of vulnerability to her. A voice came from the back of darkness near the window with broken blinds, revealing the sun rising. "Honey, what are you doing?", she asked. He turned, grabbed her arm leading her to the dawn. Kneeling on his left knee, he opened the box.

*blogger's note* - This is this week's entry for @velvetverbosity / 's 100 word challenge. I write 100 words prompted by one word. This week's inspiration is DITCH. I will be incorporating this 100 word entry into my fictional short story found at my other blog . Thanks for reading.


  1. Another great entry, Lance! I love how your story is coming together in a bigger way. I enjoy trying to figure out how you're going to work each 100 words into the story.

  2. So... what was her answer? Always leaving us wanting more.

  3. i love the sense of suspense at the end here:)

  4. Sounds to me like she wasn't expecting the question. I'm guessing she didn't have an immediate answer.

    Nice scene, Lance!