Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Get Free

Today is a great, not good, but great day. At first glance, it doesn't appear so, but trust me, today is a day to celebrate. Yesterday, we paused to talk about the greatness of Dr. Martin Luther King and his civil rights work that made us a better people. Now, it's time to party like rock stars; the kids are alright; they're back in school.

I read your blogs, tweets, and emails. Some of you like being at home way too much. This doesn't mean I don't like you or respect you, but read my words boys and girls, freedom is OUTSIDE your front door. I am swamped at work. No one that I work with has done much for the last week due to weather, Holiday, and general slow first of the year, stuff. Traffic was Hell on Earth this morning. Yet, I smiled and danced in my car. Why? Because things are back to the way they should be. My three daughters are in school for the first time in 10 days. My wife is back on a regular schedule at work. I couldn't be happier.

Bobina has her own blog, http://mythoughtsonthesubjectareasfollows.blogspot.com/ , so in her beautiful blonde way, can expound on the greatness of being a stay at home mom, being inside the house a lot, and wishing the kids were natural geniuses and thus didn't need to go to school so they could be home with her 24/7, but for my money, I'm glad there is an order to things that involves work, school, and getting out.

A week of snow and ice, followed by a weekend, followed by a national Holiday was way too much for me. Don't get me wrong, I love my family. I enjoyed our boardgames , nerf gun fights, trip to Mellow Mushroom for pizza and snowball throwing. We had a good time together. We'll have more good times. Yet, I am elated to be back to "normal" today.

I just wrote a thoughtful post for @dadofdivas for the "dads in the limelight" series on his blog. I think it's there now, if not, it will be soon. I keyboarded paragraph after paragraph about how much I enjoyed being a husband and father. Every word was true. I should have included this blog post, because I am also happy with being back on schedule. Maybe, someday soon, Bobina will get her wish to stay at home. I don't like traveling. I do like working. I am no longer itching like a One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest mental patient to get out of the house. I'm free.

Today's song not only reflects this feeling, it also rocks. Here's The Vines Get Free....

Remember to apply sarcasm to everything I write.


  1. I like staying @ home : ) but I also like this blog

  2. Then from now on you should stay home and only read my blogs. Welcome Elizabeth.