Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One-One One-One One

The calendar says it's 1-1-11 or January 11, 2011. People are telling, emailing, tweeting, blogging, and broadcasting that it's a big deal. I have to be honest, if I wasn't plugged into the internet, I wouldn't have realized. Tay, my teenage daughter, turns 15 tomorrow, and I have been programmed to know what January 12th is; requiring me to know two date sin January is asking too much. I read over the conspiracies and math nerdery and started listening to songs that honored the number one. My favorite is U2's ballad about keeping difficult relationships together:

It has one of favorite lyrics; "has you come here for forgiveness? Have you come to raise the dead? Have you come here to play Jesus to the lepers in your head."

The tragedy in Arizona, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords being shot in the head and six others losing their lives, including a beautiful 9 year old girl, has made me think about how lucky each of are to have the people we love in our lives.

The other good line in U2's song, is "we're one, but we're not the same" should be a personal motto for each of us. I struggle with being patient and emotionally strong with my loved ones because I like my strong,opinionated personality, while also liking getting along with them. While none of us are "the same", we, my family I speak of, have decided to be one.

There isn't a lot of snark, sarcasm, or sublime in this blog post. I'm in a mood. I hope, as you read this, you use today's unsual date and the lyrics to the song of Three Dog Night's One (is the loneliest number) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiKcd7yPLdU
to pep talk yourself into being stronger and more understanding to the people you know, who deserve it.

Happy One Day


  1. Great post Lance. I'm feeling a bit somber the last few days myself.

    And hands down the best U2 song.

  2. LOVE ONE!!! I like the original bull running video the best. Did you ever see that one? Apparently people were like wtf? so they made the one you posted in response. HA!