Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Daze

My work called, said, work from home or take a personal day. Bobina's had her come in for an hour , then closed down, so she hit the grocery store for importnat things like hot chocolate and pumpkin pie.

Then we did what we always do as a family when our suburban section of Atlanta gets slapped with six inches of fresh snow. We put on every piece of winter clothing we own, including tube sock on our hands, and went outside for a snowball fight!

My youngest was the cutest. She ran up and down the street, getting a head cold with each stride, I'm sure. Then waited for each of us to stand still and she threw snow at areas of our body, we would find flakes tonight when we least expected.

 A winter miracle happened right after I popped Tay the teenager with a snowball in the hip. She turned and smiled, yes, you read that correctly, smiled, and let me take a picture.

Snowbina lives! She loves snow. She organized this family outing and although her snowball aim is minor league, she had fun watching us. Then, in Snowbina fashion, she shoved a pack of fresh white snuff in my collar. I'm pretty sure I have frostbite. Call me whiteneck.

Ahhhh, Snowbinafest 2 in underway. Someone's getting revenge best served cold.

After a nap, we decided to try to make a snowman. Tay and I struggled

While Bobina snapped pictures, Goose ice danced, I'm not sure what that is, but she's very good at it. Buddy the Golden Retriever made an appearance. Neither I nor Goose could get him to make Snow Buddy Angel; he did, though, make yellow snow, so we abandoned the snowman porject.

By the way, last week, he got a haircut at mommy's work. Normally he's well coated against the weather.

Finally Tay suggested hot chocolate and I remembered the pumpkin pie in the fridge and Snobinafest 2 came to a close for this Monday.

Here's some Snow Blind by KISS' Ace Frehley .... rock on:


  1. I really enjoyed spending the day with my family. I love you.

  2. That's awesome, you guys. We had an inch or two but nothing like that! Alas, hubby had to work so I am here alone sipping hot chocolate.

  3. I will live vicariously through you and next time I'm at the beach, I will make a snow angel in the white sand in your honor.

    You all look like you had a huge time. Family memories... worth every bit of frostbite.

  4. Snow is a foreign concept for me- just never see it in person.