Friday, January 14, 2011

Delurk Jerk, and drop in some comments

Grace aka @grace134 over on teh twitterz made me and some other blogger types aware of National Delurking Day. I know. It's some lame internets madeup day to give writer people like me something to blog about. You caught me. You think this is easy? making up blog topics and saving the world every day? Look, I know at least 100 of you are reading this blog every day and only two or three or four are commenting. This National Delurking Day is to bring some of you out of the stalker mode and into the light of day, once. Thank you for reading, now it's survey time.

1. What’s your name, and how long have you been reading this site?

2. Do you have a blog and/or a Twitter name and/or something else we should all read today? If you don’t have one yourself, you can tell us about someone else who is deserving of our eyeballs today.

3. What is your favorite song right now? I am going to go listen to it and tell you what I think. No pressure. Don't let my music expertise intimidate you. I will be gentle....or maybe not

4. Is there anything I haven’t covered or answered but I should have, but you couldn’t tell me that because you were busy lurking?  DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS FOR ME?

5. Are you a lurker everywhere, or is it just my blog?

6. Tell me something really weird or unusual about you. That will take care of the whole “every time I want to say something, someone already said it” thing.

7. Recommend something. A book, or a movie, or a flash game, or a friend of yours as a really excellent person, or a valid career path, or a little known parenting strategy, or a super clever cleaning tip or trick, or incredibly helpful organizational tool, or the best socks you’ve ever owned. Or if you know where I can find the best pumpkin pie, I'll be your best e-friend ever.

I appreciate each of you for obliging my small spot on the web for the last 8 or so months. Things will get better from here, I pinky swear. take the survey, let me know what you think. Baby Jesus doesn't like liars or lurkers but answer however you want.

Thank you again.



  1. 1. My name is Jenny Grace and IDK, recently though.
    2. I blog at, twitter at @grace134, and tumblr at
    3. I actually don't do favorite songs, so I realize it was unfair of me to ask this question.
    4. Hmmm. Don't know.
    5. I am lazy everywhere.
    6. I have some OCD alarm clock setting problems that would take pages to explain.
    7. I recommend a nap.

  2. Since you 'acquired' this survey from Grace, I'll give you some of the same answers I gave her:

    1. Tara; I've been reading for only a little while. If I remember right, I found your blog through the 100 Word Challenge.

    2. Twitter name @Tara_R, I suspended a long-term blog to open a new site:

    3. I have "Rolling in the Deep" by ADELE on heavy rotation on my iTouch

    4. I have no questions for you at this time...

    5. I lurk at about half of the blogs in my Reader, and about half the time here - reading more often than commenting.

    6. Something weird? I don't leave my house without my camera.I won't go back for my cell phone, but I will for my camera if I forget it.

    7. I prefer to read scifi and fantasy novels. Neil Gaimen and Christopher Moore are my favorite authors right now. I would recommend anything they have written.

  3. 1. Brett Cohrs--a few months?
    2. I blog at and and tweet @brettcohrs & @brettinsurance.
    3. Been listening to some David Wilcox stuff recently. I'm sensitive. I particularly like 'Start with the Ending'.
    4. What's your take on the Jets/Patriots and the Pack/Falcons games?
    5. I comment more on yours than most others. I lurk often, but try to put out some good blog karma, too.
    6. I have an MDiv and sell insurance. Not sure if that is weird and crazy, or sketchy. It is the tip of the iceberg, though.
    7. I actually pulled an old James Michener book off the shelf The Covenant--great novel on history of South Africa

  4. Brett, I haven't read Michener in twenty years. I may look that up. I like the Jets and the Falcons but I think both games will be close. The Jets have to play perfectly defensively and they have one more like that in them this season. The Falcons need to play exactly the same as they have all season and they'll win.

    Tara - camera freak. Got it. Knew it was something about you.

  5. 1. Jana and since I found out you existed?
    2. Twitter @jana0926 and blog and
    3. I can't get that damn song by Big Time Rush from Disney or Nick or whatever out of my head. GAH. Damn kid show.
    4. I have no questions except CAN YOU SAY WAR EAGLE?
    5. I lurk and I comment. I don't comment on everything every day, though.
    6. Something strange? I put tennis shoes on in thunderstorms. Otherwise I feel ungrounded.
    7. I recommend you and Bobina come to the Meet & Tweet next week. Why? Because I want to meet y'all in real life :)

  6. 1. Chris and since you made an incorrect Braves game prediction. I decided to not unfollow you anyway.

    2. I am @DxPepper on twitter and can be found at

    3. Close My Eyes Forever Ozzy and Lita

    4. How many games will the Braves win in 2011

    5. I lurk, stalk, and then come in to take my prey . . .

    6. My gray chest hairs out number my black ones!

    7. I recommend walking around naked in your living room! (you just love her music don't you)

  7. Chris - It's too early to call the Braves season. I have no clue how healthy Chipper is going to be. First instinct - 86 wins. I dont liek the OF at all. we'll see.