Saturday, January 15, 2011

Learning the Hard Way

Fists hit my face as pain overwhelmed me. I heard her voice, dodging sobs and tears, wail "please, don't hurt him!" Too late I thought; and blood filled my mouth. My assailant seemed invincible as he kicked my ribs until people pulled him away from me. The last thing I remember before blacking out was her saying, "cops are coming, got to get him out of here so he doesn't get arrested." It would be a week before I ate solids. I laugh now at the irony. That was the last time I helped a damsel in "distress".

*blogger's note* This is my 100 words submission to . The one word prompt is INVINCIBLE. I had a tough time with this week's word. There are several excellent entries  including Bobina's own Invincible, Just Maybe at . Check out vel's site's and the fine writers there.


  1. I have policemen friends who tell me the worst calls to answer are domestic violence because the abused can turn on her rescuer (cops) very quickly.

    What is it they say? No good deed goes unpunished.

  2. Very powerful stuff...thanks for sharing.

  3. good stuff - good take on the word.

    Tara - not just the abused, but the abuser can turn on the cops. They are, indeed, the worst calls to answer.

  4. "No good deed" in(well...)deed.
    Very intense and I can see the scene unfolding through his eyes. Great job.

  5. Hubby is a volunteer cop, and Tara is right. The domestic violence cases are dreaded. Lance, well written. Almost made me hurt physically!

  6. Psssshhhhh. You just know he'd do it exactly the same way if here were given the chance for a "do-over". As he should. It takes a domestic abuse victim many many tries before she/he is able to truly break away. The psychology is complex and twisted. But no abuser could get away with it if there wasn't a methodical manipulation of the other person's psyche.