Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hook 'Em Horn

"I'm going to the be the sportswriter for our new school newspaper."

My daughter, Tay, said those words a few minutes ago. Clothes I changed out of at the gym fell from my hands and I started asking questions like she had won a Pulitzer Prize.  Tay wants to be a journalist. I did not realize how quickly she would be one.

I think the name of the newspaper is the Lanier Legacy. Tay is a freshman at Lanier High School in Sugar Hill, Georgia. She will be taking pictures and writing articles about the schools' sporting events. The school nickname is the Longhorns. Her high school is new. Lanier opened for public school business August 12th. The first football game is Thursday against the horrible no goodniks of Mill Creek. I'm sure most of their kids are delinquents. I do not think anyone needs to fact check me.

Like me, Tay writes all the time. Words and stories intrique her. She questions everything and she sings along with the radio. I wouldn't dare look, but I can bet her journal is a heck of a read. Tay seems very interested in making her thoughts meet paper and creating something different and special. I'm sure I'm not putting the cart before the horse when I write, my daughter will change the world with her compositions.

I will report back with the school's online newspaper website address. We can just form the Tay writing fan club on this blog. Until then, Hook 'em horn(s).

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