Wednesday, August 4, 2010

20s Workout

I interrupt the usual scheduled blogging to post something really cool. Last February a great friend named Doug W. gave me a workout called the 20s. He started doing it 20 years ago and has since fitness competition wife Tracy doing it to get "cut" and lean". It's very challenging but also very versatile to men and women and different age groups. It's the best workout I've ever done. I did it this spring for about 7 weeks and dropped a few pounds and got bigger in the chest, arms, biceps, and thinner in the waist. Then I got lazy this summer. I restarting the workout this week.

Here it is, I apologize for the length of post:

Whichever is best for you choose a leg exercise from Squats, HackSquat or Leg press

Bent Over Rows

Flat Bench Press with dumbells or barbell

that's 3 exercises incorporating legs, back, and chest

Use a weight you can do 20 reps of. The 20th rep should be very difficult to achieve.

Here we go:

Mon Wed Fri -

15 to 20 minute cardio warmup (get a solid sweat going)

3 sets of 30 straight crunches then 3 sets of 30 reverse crunches

3 sets of 20 squats (or whatever leg exercise u choose) 30 seconds in between sets

rest one minute before next exercise

3 sets of bent over rows, 30 secs rest in between sets

rest one minute

3 sets of bench press, 30 sec rest between sets

rest 2 min then repeat

rest 2 minutes then repeat

so u go thru the entire workout in 3 times, that 9 sets of 20 reps.


Most people only make it through one set the first week, two sets the 2nd week, then do all 3 sets the 3rd week. It took me 4 1/2 weeks to get 3 sets. then i rested less and added weight.

Tuesday Thursday Saturday just do 45 to 60 minutes of killer cardio. Drink a gallon of water every day. It should take you about an hour to do the Mon Wed Fri workouts including cardio.

Eat well. Nothing heavy after 7pm.

 Also see my boy Doug and his wife Tracy at Body Heat Tan Studio in Loganville Georgia 770 554 6618

They're awesome and so is this workout.

Late, Lance (cake)

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