Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Love 100

It's just lunch, is the lie I told myself. Salad, conversation; maybe I let her window shop my friendship store. I arrived at the restaurant early; nervous. She walked through the door. Suddenly, it wasn't lunch. She was beautiful. The kind of natural pretty that glows. Her long blonde hair fell over a stunning face full of sun and warmth. Then she smiled and I was sold. The lips moved around the teeth and revealed a spectacular woman. Our banter was effortless. I had no idea what she thought of me, but at that moment, I fell in love.

bloggers note: this is a 100 word story (99 to be exact) about the day I met my wife. It's part of a writing contest/experiment my blogger friend Brian aka @SpinyNorman on twitter is doing on his blog. Exoect more flash fiction aka Nanofiction on my blog. This was fun. Oh and this story is based on a true story.


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