Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'd Like To Thank The Academy

you know....I just want to thank ME for being ME and winning this award:

That's sarcasm, I want to thank a fellow writer for liking this web address. You are reading an award winning blog. Today, your humble writer has been recognized by the hallowed blog halls of
Monday's entry in the 100 Word Challenge titled "Back To Life Back To Reality" prompted by the word HANDSOME. Initially written as a breakup post for something else, wrongly, but later refined to reflect on the changes that happen when you come back from vacation and delve into every day life.

Please visit my friend at velvetverbosity, she's a fine writer and has equally fine writer colleagues. I stumbled onto her site through my boy, Brian at DadsChalkboard, and the site and Brian's site have helped me through some writer's block, and to get started on a book. Velvet's inspiration came at a great time for me a few others.

For the record, my wife does have extraordinarily cute toes.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Congrats to my bloggy friend Cake! Finally, the recognition you so rightly deserve. You are so humble.
    ***again realizing need for sarcasm font***

    Seriously, congrats, I loved your 100 Words post, but then I always do.

  2. Im so happy for you! I told you that you need to focus more of your writing on my toes! Love ya!