Saturday, October 30, 2010


Damp, dirty blond hair fell over Silas Bane's young face. Bleary eyed from too much beer and some other "party" substance, he looked through the sharp spotlights and saw at least a thousand people frothing for his entertainment. He looked over at his bass guitar player Kenny and he mouthed the words "let's melt their faces". With a tiny, gray, plastic guitar pick located between his sweaty thumb and middle and pointer fingers he raised that arm above his head, looked into the anxious eyes of the crowd and yelled "one, two, three, four,!" and threw his right arm over the gray and black Les Paul electric guitar and strummed with fury. The audience jumped with excitement and screamed their approval as the band ripped through a gritty song of bluesy punk angst. Silas' heavily tattoed arms and raw energy tapped into the fans' need to release and he smirked and snarled his way through the song. Maybe 50 feet away, a tall dark haired man of about 40 years old, with green eyes and a weathered countenance, semi-long hair and crows feet starting in his experienced face and a body that had several arm tattoos of it's own; watched quietly, with arms crossed. Although his body language said a lot,  kept his opinion to himself. No cheering, no singing along, no clapping. Dean Hellenbach had seen it all before. Someone young, with some discernible talent, whipping a booze and possibly more fueled music hall into a frenzy. He wasn't being critical. He was observing; seeing how the young singer with dirty blond hair, and snarky vocal delivery went about showing his art. Dean had been Silas, twenty years ago. Further back in the concert hall, much further back, almost next to the beach, that was over 100 feet away from the stage the dirty blonde haired singer raged on, stood another dark haired man. He was older and his hair was much shorter. His face showed time. More than middle aged. Wearing a dark blue suit without a tie, and no sign of tattoos he watched Silas bane and Dean Hellenbach. With eyes as black as charcoal, and a stare as deep as an ocean, the odler man smirked ominously. He had definitely seen all of this before. You could even say he was the man who made this moment in time happen. When Silas and band Agent Tangelo finished his set before the beach crowd, the oldest man would put his plan into action. His plan was twenty years in the making. His plan was to change the lives of Silas Bane and Dean Hellenbach. It was time.

*bloggers note* This is my first page of 175 to 200 covering about 50,000 words. I am writing a novel over the month of November. It will be called Hellandback; a rock and roll horror story. Stay tuned, thanks for reading, hope you like it all. Starting November 1st, my story will be posted as it is written over at

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  1. I like the start and am interested in watching where this goes. Keep going!

  2. Really liking this! Hopefully I can get through all of the reading today during my super slow work day :)