Monday, October 11, 2010

Back To Life, Back To Reality

Her cute toes, highlighted with sparkling rose nail polish, fixed on the dashboard. She sighed moderately, and reached for the car radio buttons with her left hand; nails the same color. A station playing "generation x" music made her smile; she settled. Pitch perfect, she began singing with the chorus "back to life, back to reality" the 20 year old pop song memorialized, poignantly, the end to a weekend, long for it's two extra days, and revelatory ocurrences. Nothing would be the same. She slowly moved her head towards her adoring husband. She cooed at him "you're so handsome."

*blogger's note* I missed this week's 100 word prompt from, which was HANDSOME. I combined last week word with the end of our vacation and will be combining this entry with the other posts at tomorrow.