Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bust A Move

Since the day Bobina and I married, almost two years ago, we have talked about moving. We met, wedded, blended our familyand adopted a golden retreiver in less than a year. The entire time we acknowleged that our town house was on borrowed time. When we got back from our short vacation earlier this month we started talking about it more and actually looking around for a place. We saw this two story house with hardwood floors and a fenced in backyard. It seemed like home. Like our marriage, our family, our dog, and well, everything else we are about, we wasted no time in getting this house. Today, we handled the paperwork and sweet talked the authorities involved into giving us the keys three days early, Friday, so we could move in before I hit the road again to Houston on Monday.

Omitting the address, size of the bedroom, and what we paid, I can tell you that the place has 3 bedrooms, a garage with inoperable doors, which we prefer so we can store stuff and have the girls use it to play in, plenty of area inside and out for Buddy, the dog, and lots of hardwood floors, which Bo and I love.

Most importantly, it's our first house as a family. The kids are so excited, you'd think we were moving into Toys R Us (or Abercrombie and Fitch for Tay) and their enthusiasm has really helped Bobina and I with the stress of moving. It's only about a mile or so from where we live now, so the kids won;t be negatively affected, school wise. Follow me on twitter @TLanceB and I'll tweet moving pictures and settling in pictures.

Thanks for reading. The blog is averaging over 70 hits a day and I appreciate every click of your computer. By the way, through my crew over at I have signed up at a writing site where in the month of November I'll be writing a 50,000 word novel over a 30 day period. So, I'll be traveling for work, moving into a new house, and writing a book. That's what you call busy. Don't worry, I'll stay medicated.


  1. Glad you're doing NaNo, your enthusiasm over at Casa de Tinfoil is utterly contagious. Thanks for being a buddy.

    Best of luck with the move, the house is lovely.

  2. That's awesome! I love the house and think it's all so fabulous!
    Super cool about the novel... that's neat!
    Also, DM me your email address and I'll tell you how easy it was to switch from WP to my own domain.