Monday, October 18, 2010

Happiness, more or less

My notebooks and pads are full of stuff I wouldn't let my golden retriever, Buddy, blog. In a few hours, I leave for Houston, for work, and I will have a lot of time to think (which isn't always a good thing for me) and then I will spend four nights in hotel rooms, not sleeping, and so I will write. Whatever you don't like, I will blame Buddy.

Last week was good and bad, like most, but different. The end of the week opened my heart and mind to my wife and children more than ever. I am the luckiest son of a gun you have ever virtually known. My wife is beaufiful, funny, and special. My kids are just as much. In midst of the bad, my teenager, Tay, was the picture of maturity and cool. Of course, she reverted into teen form quickly because it was homecoming week. But her moment of awesome, showed me that my priorities had been skewed over the past few years and now they are not.

Maybe because last week's 100 word prompt from my friend at was VAGUE, I am choosing to be so now, but rest assured that the storm is over, and I am head over heels in love with my wife and daughters.

If The Verve is right, in the song Lucky Man, that happiness, more or less, it's just a change in me, something in my liberty; then I'm happy. It took twenty something years, enough bad relationships to make Jennifer Aniston judgemental, and some pills, some really good pills, but I'm there, you know, the happy place, whatever.

I don't give advice, because I'm terrible at it. It would also violate the no superhero complexing agreement I made with my wife. But, if you have someone in your life, someone that you know is special, meaningful, different; make them your priority. Hold them tighter than you ever have and tell them they are amazing. Say thank you, please, I love you; a lot. Say it even after they tell you "ok, I get it". Wait, I think I just gave advice. Don't listen to me. Just be true. Be true in your instincts, your word, your emotions.

I have to go to the bank now. I promised my number one priority I would. My word with her is good.

Write ya laterz, taterz.

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