Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The proposal was intimidating. Suzann said yes, an emphatic, physical yes. Now her brain had to catch up. Three kids, instead of two, a smaller house instead of a larger one to accomodate the schools, then she remembered what her heart told her, she stopped worrying. She left his house and called her friends. Then she called her daughter. Delia answered, she could hear her daughter smiling. "I kind of sorta knew, mom. He asked me if he could marry us, I mean you." she said. The drive usually took 25 minutes, that morning, she was home within 15.

*blogger's note* This is my latest 100 word challenge for the awesome http://www.velvetverbosity.com/ 's 100 word site. The opne word prompt was WITHIN. I will be combining the entries into the other site http://www.writingonsteroids.com/ for a short story to be completed soon. Thanks for reading.

Happy Birthday to Marsha aka TinFoilMagnolia. See her at http://www.tinfoilmagnolia.blogspot.com/ or @TinfoilMagnolia on teh twitterz.

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