Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rise Today

Finding motivation during the dead week that is December 26th through January 2nd is difficult for some. Everyone I work with is either taking the week for vacation or operating at half staff. I am "working from home" Tuesday through Thursday until 1pm, that;s when Bobina gets home from her job. Working from home is code for playing with my six year old,the Goose (Bug and Tay are at their other families) , loading and listening to my ipod, doing numerous household chores, and of course, rockin' twitter.

I have been getting a jumpstart on 2011 (mentioned in the previous post, titled Next) by organizing work tasks, writing a lot, and working on my relationships with Bobina and Goose. Goosey cleaned her room to a Princess like level this morning without even smarting off, much less arguing. I might actually rule at this parenting gig.

I am instituting a new feature. Since the title of this blog is My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog, I need to maintain some level of masculinity/toughness so you all won't accuse me of false adverstising. Each post will have a song of the day. The first three songs I listened to this morning, Rusty Cage - Soundgarden, Cochise - Audoslave and this one, from Alter Bridge, Rise Today. The lyrics match my attitude and outlook right now. Atlanta Falcons fans should like it, Rise Up. I will now go change the world by playing barbies with Goose.


  1. So... how did the Barbies go? ;-)
    Love your taste in music -- clearly we have that in common!

  2. The Barbies went well, only surpassed by the air hockey games in the living room (that's how we roll)