Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The tie was blue with stripes of silver and red. He pulled the knot to his throat, leaving a tiny space for breathing, which he was finding difficult. He turned on the sink, splashing water on his face. His friend asked "are you all right". Natural color came back to his countenance and he answered, "I'm going to be fine." They walk out of the restroom together, and continue into courtroom 1B. "Time to start a new life.Time to get married." he exhaled. The last act of a single man,; he grabbed her hand, and made her his wife.

*blogger's note* - This is entry for @velvetverbosity / 's weekly 100 challenge. The 1 word prompt is ACT. There are word nerd t-shirts at velvetverbosity, I will be ordering a medium in the color blue or stone in a few days. Please check my other word nerds at the 100 word challenge. They are all excellent writers.


  1. I visit our courthouse every week as part of my job - I love going on Fridays because that is when the judges set aside time for marriage ceremonies. It's always fun to see the nervous brides and grooms - old, young, and in between. Nicely done, Lance. :)

  2. My hubs & I wed at a courthouse 25 years ago. Nice tale you told here. I should go give my old man a squeeze. :)

  3. By golly, I'm starting to think you're a romantic. :P