Monday, May 24, 2010

I'll see you in another life, brother.

Whatever happened, happened. A LOST review.

Last week my wife lost her grandmother to Lou Gehrig's disease. It was a slow, agonizing process that actually showed the best in my wife, her family members, our kids, and what life is more than likely, really about. As her grandmother slowly left us for what lies up there or out there, she was able to say goodbye to her loved ones, and set them up for what their purposes were, to love and cherish their families.

Last night's LOST finale was a lot like that, except with a smoke monster, an island, a shiny energy source and a Scot who has a great verbal crutch.

For six seasons, LOST has thrilled, mystified, frustrated, told, not told, revealed, hid, and told stories about people on an island, in a sideways reality, and other people who are just there for a reason, Here's my take on what happened, you know, that happened.

Everything, the island, the sideways reality, the church was a judgement wormhole for the LOST souls of those involved. For those who found true love - James and Juliet, Sun and Jin, Desmond and Penny etc or for those who foudn true purpose - Locke, Jack etc. the island was their Gladiator stadium and they had to fight their way to the afterlife.

Ok, enough of the dumb blogger interpretation. LOST may be the best written, most mytholigized show since The Twilight Show. What I took from last night's two and a half hours is LOST was great because like a well written song, it's wide open to the listener, or in this case, viewer as to what it's all about. Recently I got into a mini-argument as to what the Bob Dylan song Like A Rolling Stone is all about. I think the Him in "go to Him, he calls you, you can't refuse" is Truth. The other person didn't know what it was, but thought I was a moron for trying to interpret Dylan. For me, LOST was about souls getting to where they were supposed to go by finding the right people and purpose for each of them. I don't think they all died in the plane crash, but they all died eventually and that church was their usher into Heaven or whatever you believe in.

The finale was perfect. No dreams, no Bobby in the shower, no Journey songs and a black screen. It was a happy ending for the characters and my love of the show. It is, after all, just a tv show, but at least this tv show touched  nerve, made me kinda, sorta feel something, and look at questions about my own life.

The people in your life are their for reasons that you can not always know. The most important thing is know your purpose with them and move on; with the life you have now, and the one coming later.

My five year old just woke up. She's not my smoke monster, but she's not a morning person. I need to make her cereal and get her hair bow right. I'll see you all in this life and the next one, brother.

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  1. I call bullshit on the whole lost finale. They broke the contract with the viewer but not resolving the mysteries they created and wrote that happy horseshit feel good ending. Riddle me this then - Jacob is the proctector of the island and the smoke monster is his brother/nemisis...Why would Jacob allow Dharma on the island to drill and tunnel close to the heart of the island? Why did he bring Ben back to life? Why did the smoke monster serve the others? Why did "good" Jacob want Ben to kill all Dharma and Locke to kill his father. How did they get Locke's father on the island "the box that your greatest wish stepped out of..." Why did they kidnap the children. Why were they so obsessed with child birth on the island. If Jacob's rule was no one could leave the island why were Others on and off the island all the time. Was Widmore a good guy or a bad guy? How is it there were so many people on the island anyway - why didn't smokey just kill them all. Why were some at the temple protected from the smoke monster, who in the previous seasons was serving them....

    ALL TOTAL BULLSHIT. not to mention the nuke Juliette set off...oh wait that did...nothing? Sideways world could have been a really cool concept but they turned it in to purgatory la la land with a happy sappy ending. BULL EFFING CRAP